Bob Marcus, D.M.D.

Dentist, Coach, CEREC Trainer, Mentor

A Message From Dr. Marcus About Coaching

Lots of people have told me not to put too many words on the website. But this is really important. Please read this page carefully if you are considering in-office consulting.

Hello.  You have landed on this page because you are considering moving your practice to the next level. I applaud you. Together, we can make amazing things happen.

First and foremost: I am a retired dentist. My practice in San Diego was highly successful and made all of my professional – and many personal – dreams come true.  

Second: a word about coaching. A lot of dentists resist this idea thinking it is an unnecessary additional expense in their offices. Dentists oftentimes tell me they are simultaneously extremely busy and not making enough money.  We dentists are smart and educated people, so we believe that we can improve or fix our practices by ourselves. Unfortunately, things usually don't change except perhaps in the short term.  In a quiet moment, look at yourself in the mirror and ask if this is your own situation.

This is where coaching comes in.  Even the best athletes have coaches. Why? Because it is important for somebody to take an outside look. Somebody who is not as close to the ball.

Since my retirement from clinical practice, I have been providing individual training in dental offices throughout the US and especially in the San Diego area.  I am well known for my unique ability to reduce stress while simultaneously dramatically increasing production, collections, and ultimately profit.

Each dental office is unique. This is why I created my personalized programs. Many consulting companies have purposely grown so large that they must move away from this individualized concept. I find this is pretty much the opposite of what most practices need. It is not enough to simply look at your numbers and make a bunch of graphs and spreadsheets. While numbers have importance, there is no substitute for improving the way your office 'feels' to patients.  I find the difference between offices that are just doing well and offices that are outstanding has more to do with individualized training on narratives and momentary patient interactions than anything else.

My in-office coaching consists of a series of full days in your office over at least 6 months as well as unlimited emails/texts/phone calls when you or your staff need them.  And here's where things are different than most companies: I do it all myself.

During that time I will have an opportunity to observe the way your office works individually and be able to tailor my coaching program to your specific needs.  Essentially, I will become a member of your staff on those days. We will have all sorts of fun, a lot of laughs, and learn a heck of a lot. I will deconstruct everything that is done and put it back together in a more efficient, lower stress, higher profit manner.  Does this sound too good to be true? Let me know and I will put you in touch with past clients and you can get their opinions.

If you are tracking your production, collections, and new patients… that is simply not enough.  This "rearview mirror" approach will never result in sustained growth and stress reduction.  I cover every aspect of the dental office with individual coaching for each team member and (especially) the doctor(s).  This is elite, custom consulting designed to truly bring your office to the next level.

If this all sounds like something you’ve been seeking, listen to your heart. Bringing in a consultant who learned how to help a dental office from reading books and watching videos is simply a mistake. My real world experience in private solo practice for over 25 years has no substitute.

If you are wondering if adding my services to your office would be beneficial, please contact me. I'd be happy to arrange a meeting so we can talk about the possibilities. 

-Dr. Bob Marcus