Bob Marcus, D.M.D.

Dentist, Coach, CEREC Trainer, Mentor

In-Office CEREC Training

I have been providing individual CEREC training in dental offices for over 10 years.

The CEREC machine is a wonderful tool. But like any tool, used improperly it just makes more work, not less. The funny thing is, many offices would be much more efficient if they just gave up on this CEREC and went back to the lab. This is a shame because with proper training the CEREC system is remarkable in its ability to provide beautiful single-visit dentistry, while saving money and reducing stress at the same time.

If you invested in a CEREC system and find that you are not using it to its full capabilities, consider training. There are many programs available at training centers and via the Internet. That said, nothing substitutes for one on one face-to-face training. Our day together will be busy. I can train you on anything from the very simple basics to anterior work to the most complicated cases with 3DCB integration and more.

If you are not restoring implants, if you are showing away from anterior work, if you are inefficient in your restorative process, please contact me. I am happy to jump on the phone with you anytime and get you on the road to CEREC mastery.